The Essentials of Wireless Security Systems


Wireless Security Systems

For many years the idea of a security system was only available to either the wealthy or to large commercial enterprises. But these days, with the advances in technology, added protection and the peace of mind that comes with a security system is available to many homes owners and small business operators alike. Now almost everyone can enjoy protection against robbers, intruders and other criminals.

Up till the recent past, security at home or in the workplace would have meant installing a very expensive system which could have included alarms, surveillance cameras and other gadgets. In addition, there was the added complication of heavy wiring and often need extensive modifications to the building that is being protected. But due to the advances of technology, especially wireless electronic security devices, all this is now very easy and quickly done. This has advanced to such an extent that half the American population now has protection in one way or another.

What wireless security is available?

There is a vast range of different wireless security devices you can find at your local electronics store or from expert professional security companies.

These include various intruder monitors such as motion detectors, window break alarms, heat detectors, infra-red cameras and CCTV video security cameras. Many can be installed by a competent DIY-er but if you have a larger home or commercial premises then it is definitely a good idea to call in the professionals. What is the point in having the best security system if it is not working properly due to faulty installation?

Why wireless security systems in the first place?

Wireless security systems come with all of the benefits of a wired system but at a fraction of the cost and much less effort. Plus they are far more flexible and you can take them with you if you move.
• Take it with you wherever you go
• No renovation work of existing buildings
• Do-it-yourself installation
• Simple upgrade
• No need for ugly cables or ducting

How do they work?

Like any wired security system, the wireless systems too have all the same components, but the difference is how they communicate with each other. Instead of laying wires to interconnect each other, the wireless systems use radio waves to do this. It’s is just like the wireless broadband router you use at home or in the office.

When a break-in happens, the component sensor detects the intrusion, communicates wirelessly to the control module which in turn sends a wireless or radio signal to the control room. The control can be you PC or more sensibly, to a remote alarm monitoring service. Who needs to be tied to their computer screen in case there is a break-in?

Operating a wireless security system

These systems are operated in much the same way as older security devices. For instance, you will have a code to punch into a keypad to dis-arm the alarm when you enter a building. Alternatively, you can have swipe cards so that staff can move around different departments where they are allowed but cannot gain access to unauthorised areas. They can also be deleted from the database if the move on from your employment.

Additional wireless security devices

Besides the commonplace devices such as surveillance cameras and burglar alarms, there are many new types of security applications and gadgets you can install. These include:
• Motion activated flood lights
• Entry way motion detectors
• Drive way alarms
• Smoke detectors
• Window alarms
• Area or zone protection
• Door Alarms
• Carbon monoxide detectors
• Nursery cameras
• Medical alarms
• Panic buttons
• And more.

With modern wireless technology there is much greater domestic and commercial security, beyond most people’s imagination.

Where can you buy these wireless security systems?

There are a lot of stores that stock the various components of the wireless home or small business security systems. But many a time, it is difficult to find all that you require under one roof.

Further, you need to have a good understanding of the different technologies, the brands and how each performs in different circumstances. This is a massive undertaking in itself. Frankly it is beyond the time available to most people.

A much better security system solution is to find a professional security company that offers the full range of different devices and technologies.

For residents looking wireless security systems suppliers in Auckland, Global Security is among the best security companies in the city. They provide everything you can imagine from initial assessment of your security requirements, through the components, installation, testing and then monitoring the signals at their alarm centre. With this type of service you will have security at home or for your commercial premises using the latest in wireless security systems in NZ.

Auckland Alarm Monitoring Service


5 Tips For Choosing The Best Alarm Monitoring Service

Choosing the right security alarm monitoring service for your home or business can at first look a bit daunting. However, as with most things, if you break all the parts down individually, do a little bit of research, ask all the right questions, they should all flow together rather nicely. A security alarm monitoring service actually does more than just project you from burglary, theft and other crimes. Often it also will double as a fire alarm, smoke alarm, panic alarm, and sometimes an alarm for an elderly person that has fallen. Because of the extreme importance of monitoring all these different potential problems, it is quite important to ask all the right questions to get just the right monitoring company that you need. Let’s get started.

Alarm monitoring service

Alarm monitoring service

1 There are quite a few different alarm monitoring options, and you need to choose which of them you’re going to need, like fire, medical assistance, smoke detection, motion detection, camera monitoring, door and window breakage, shed or garage protection, and any other particular, unique protection that you want covered. Most different monitoring companies can cover any or all of these options, but you will want to have complete list of what you want, in order to get exact prices for each level of protection. You may find that monitoring cameras are too expensive for the value that you get, and end up dropping that from your list, so it’s important to be somewhat flexible in your search.

2 Whether you are protecting a home or business, you’ll definitely want to go with a reputable alarm monitoring company that you can trust to always do the job that they are being paid for. Check with other homeowners, business owners or friends to see if they are happy with the security monitoring services that they have, especially if they’ve actually had to use the service, and what their experiences were in that instance. It’s entirely possible to have a service for a couple years and hopefully, never need to use it, but the one time you need it, it has to be there at the ready. Be sure and insist on a company that does complete background checks on all of their employees, the last thing you need is for your own security company to be directing a band of thieves that are breaking into people’s homes and businesses.

3 When interviewing the different home security monitoring companies, check to make sure that they meet all of the local regulations for their type of business, are fully insured, have a security bond, and a complete satisfaction guarantee covering their service. It would also be a wise move, to give a call to the local police station and ask a few questions as to which companies they’ve had problems with, and those that have been above and beyond reproach. This may only work in small cities, but it’s definitely worth a try.

4 Make sure that the company that you want to hire offers the monitoring service for all the hours that you’re going to need it. While many homeowners assume that break-ins and robberies happen mostly at night, the actual truth is, day time thefts far outnumber night-time. This is because thieves would rather break into your home while you’re away at work. Having your security system monitored 24/7 is important all year round and especially if you plan on taking any vacations.

Alarm monitoring service

Alarm monitoring service- image vital-linkin

5 Finally, ask for list of other customers that use their service in the local area, then do your footwork and go knock on a few doors. This may sound a little off the wall, however it may actually be the best indicator for picking the right company for you or your business and shouldn’t be overlooked.

There you have five detailed tips, that if you follow them, you should be able to narrow your selection of a security system monitoring service down to just one or two quality companies.

A couple of alarm monitoring companies you might want to look at are ADT which is a huge international company or if you prefer a New Zealand owned and operated company, you could look at Global Security. They are an Auckland alarm monitoring service and have a tremendous reputation. They also have their own mobile security guards who can quickly come out to a property if an alarm is raised in their monitoring centre. So not only do you have an alarm monitoring service but you get the physical presence of security patrol officers too.

Security Guard Service In Auckland


Qualities Of An Exceptional Security Guard Service In Auckland

Security guard company Auckland

Theft is expensive – image 3.bp.blogspot

If you have a business that requires security during the day, and especially during the evening hours, it is important to utilize the services of a quality security guard service. There are many companies that you can choose from, some of which operate nationwide, and others that function in smaller capacities. In order to choose the best one for your business, you need to consider the types of services that they offer. In this article, we will look at the primary qualities that every exceptional security guard service should provide before you hire them to protect your facility.

Friendly Staff And Customer Support

Although many people are concerned with other factors when choosing a security company such as how well known they are in the industry, and the track record that they have for providing excellent service, it’s also important to consider the people that you will be working with on a regular basis. The individuals that you will talk to when setting up a contract to work with their company should be friendly and informative. The guards that will protect your facility should be able to get along with workers at the job site, and also be open to suggestions that you might present. It is so important to only work with a company that you feel comfortable with, a concern that most businesses often forget until the contract is signed.

State Of The Art Equipment

If you are going to hire a security company, not only should they provide you with guards that can monitor your facility when no one is there, they should also use state-of-the-art equipment to monitor even the most remote portions of your compound. If you have a construction site, for instance, and it is quite extensive, the security company should install CCTV systems and surveillance cameras at multiple locations to ensure that intruders cannot come in unexpectedly. Although guards will make perimeter walks, they cannot see every location. That’s why having state-of-the-art equipment monitoring your facility is of utmost importance.

Years Of Experience

The company that you hire needs to have decades of experience in the industry. Although you could hire someone that has less than 10 years of experience, it’s always better to use a company that will know how to train their staff for all possible situations. Proper security guard training can only come from a company that has experienced uncountable situations while on watch. Their longevity in this industry can provide you with well-trained security guards that will optimally protect your facility.

Adaptability And Pricing Options For Security Guards

Security guard service

Security guard- image ssgcalgary

A security company that is able to adapt to your particular job site is something else to look for. If you have a construction site, or some other type of remote site, they should be able to coordinate their efforts in the most efficient manner. If they do not have experience working in different environments, they may not be able to provide you with the best security. You should also consider the pricing options, the length of the contract, and what you will receive in exchange for your money. All of these factors will weigh in when choosing a quality security company that will ensure the safety of not only your workers, but the equipment on your job site as well.

By taking into consideration all of these factors, you should be able to quickly choose the best security company available in your area. Now that you know the qualities that every good security business should have, you can make your choice based upon these factors. Hopefully you will find one that is not only experienced in the industry, but that can provide you with safety and security for a reasonable price.

There are many security companies in New Zealand but many are quite small and can only operate at a very local level. These companies also tend to be under capitalised and do not have the latest equipment available. For information about a good security guard service that operates around New Zealand you can click here. Global Security is one of the biggest security firms in the country and has an excellent reputation for service as well as value for money.  Their website has some background.

Security patrols for construction sites


Using Security Patrols To Protect Construction Sites in Auckland Today

Security guard

Security guard- image visualphotos

One of the primary problems occurring at construction sites in Auckland today is theft. Both commercial and residential building companies are increasingly faced with the prospect of losing building supplies, machinery, equipment and tools to thieves while everyone is away from the site at night. As a result of this, many construction companies have installed security systems to help them monitor what is going on at their facilities. However, although using security cameras and alert systems does work, more people are turning to security guards instead.  This site is from the Security Association in NZ and gives an insight into the standards of conduct.

The ability to have actual human beings on the site during the evening hours is proving to be much more beneficial in regard to deterring would-be thieves. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using security patrols on construction sites to protect them, and how they are much better than traditional security systems even when using modern technology.

Security Patrols And Modern Surveillance Equipment

When using a security patrol team to watch your construction site during the evening, you are protecting everything on the site with the best possible resources. Even though many security teams will use surveillance cameras at different locations throughout the site, a computer system is not going to be able to detect movement on the cameras in the same way that a human being will be able to. Therefore, the combination of using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, along with people to monitor the construction site at night, creates a perfect balance of security measures, and optimizes the possibility of catching thieves in action. Unfortunately, watching these cameras is not going to offer you the best type of security. For this, you will need to have a security patrol that makes regular rounds.

Security Patrols And Routine Schedules

Depending upon the size of your construction site, you may have to have several security guards that are doing routine checks throughout the complex. Even if you have security cameras at strategic locations, they cannot cover every part of your construction facility. As a result of this, many security patrol companies will train their security officers to do a perimeter search every hour while they are on duty. By training them to be observant during the night, they will be able to spot potential criminals that are breaking into the facility in an attempt to steal the merchandise and materials that are available. Most security patrols have designated locations that require them to scan their security card, or turn a key, to verify that they were at certain locations on a particular schedule. Not only does this provide the insurance companies with the information that they need, the construction site will be protected much more efficiently as people walk through the complex.

Backup Assistance And Security Concerns

Auckland security guard

Security guard- image securityguardtraininguk

One final tip in regard to security patrols protecting construction sites is to realise that every guard needs to have a radio. They need to be able to contact the main office where all of the guards are stationed in order to report possible problems as they do their patrol. It also provides them with an added layer of protection, specifically the ability to call for backup or help if they need assistance. By having this interconnection with the other guards and patrol units, it makes the security team much more efficient and safe for everyone involved. It is the combination of using modern technologically advanced equipment for security purposes, along with security patrols, that will provide the best possible surveillance for any construction site. Hopefully this information on why it is necessary to have security patrols at construction sites will motivate you to hire a reputable security company to protect your construction site today.

Managing the security guards on your construction site

The article above shows that there is a lot to consider when arranging security guards on a construction.  You might ask yourself if this is another task you need to add to your already busy schedule.  For many building companies the easiest option is to hire a security guard company in Auckland to manage this for them.  You can find these firms by searching online. Alternatively this company has a great reputation so this would be a good place to start.

Security patrols


Choosing Security Patrols For Business Protection

One of the primary concerns that many people have when operating a business is theft. Many companies have security systems installed, allowing them to know when an intruder is on their premises. Depending upon the type of merchandise that they store on site, and the location of the facility itself, it may require much more than cameras and alarms to keep criminals away. For this reason, security patrol companies are extremely popular in certain industries. Whether you live in a gated community, work at a lumber mill, or at a high-tech firm that develops pharmaceuticals, having licensed security guards on hand to guard your merchandise is a necessity for both insurance and safety reasons. In this article, we will discuss choosing security patrols for business security and how to quickly contract with the best possible security company in your area for less.

Security patrols

You don’t want robbers – image fancydressball

One of the benefits to having live security guards at a facility is that people see them in uniform. Although most crime will not happen during the daylight hours, if would-be criminals come at night, they will see potentially armed security guards that are on patrol. This will deter most criminals from continuing further, providing you with this added benefit. If the security guards do have to engage, they have radios, cell phones, and the ability to call local law enforcement to get back up in case something actually occurs. This can happen on a moment’s notice, all because you are using live security guards and not a digital or electronic security system.

Another benefit to using security patrols for business security is that they can provide an accurate account of what occurs each day. For instance, if you have an employee that is taking merchandise from the facility, you can track their activities when they log in and out. The guards will have a record of all personnel going in and out of the building, providing you with a paper trail to narrow down who is actually stealing your merchandise. In the same way that live security guards can deter criminals in the evening, it can also be a preventative measure against employees that might not have your best interests in mind.

The best way to find security patrols for business security is to search on the web. You can also look in the Yellow Pages, or talk to businesses down the street that might be using a security business to protect their facility. Once you have found a reputable company, (a good company offering security patrols is Global Security Ltd) , you can also talk to them about the price. If there are several security firms in your city, they are more than likely competing for business. If you sign a longer contract with a company, they will usually discount the amount it will cost you to use their services. By

Security patrol Auckland

Security patrol – image labourplusau.web

getting multiple quotes from these businesses, and using this information to your advantage, you can usually sign a contract for thousands of dollars less, and still receive the same level of professional security that you would for a lower dollar amount.

The issue of security patrols for businesses is an important part of running a company today. Although larger companies do need to have some form of security for insurance purposes, it is simply a good idea to have patrols on a regular basis, especially if your company a lot of merchandise to protect.

By using the tips in this article to get professional security services, you should be able to save thousands of dollars and contract with one of the best security patrol companies in Auckland. With care and diligence, you will have your premises protected and secure so your business can function as it is intended. Get more info here.

Business security surveillance systems


Business Security Surveillance Systems for Auckland

For many businesses in Auckland, office buildings, warehousing facilities and factories, their first line of defense against intruders is the use of security surveillance systems and monitoring equipment. Over and above the obvious benefit of being able to monitor specific areas, security cameras act as a deterrent to criminal activity such as shoplifting. Simply put, people are less likely to commit a crime if they think they are being watched.

In fact, many small businesses often use fake cameras that are not attached to monitoring equipment just to deter criminals. However, this is not really the recommended approach to enhance security measures. Should a security breach occur or a criminal act take place, fake cameras will provide you with no evidence for recourse.

Security systems – the different types

Security surveillance equipment works on closed circuit format. This means that the video feed is streamed directly to one or more specified monitors or screens. There are a number of different closed circuit television cameras and monitoring options available.

Analogue or Digital Surveillance Systems?

Analogue surveillance equipment has become a bit outdated and has a number of disadvantages when compared to the more modern digital solution. With analogue video feed you only have the option to rewind or fast forward through recorded footage while digital allows you to provides a higher resolution image and has all the benefits of modern technology.

Digital cameras also allow for wireless communication to a monitoring system meaning that you have access to the live feed at any time no matter where you are located. Digital or data video recordings can be stored in a number of different formats and are less likely to become corrupt over time. The wireless cameras can also be relocated very easily.

Enhancements for CCTV Surveillance Equipment

Infra red cameras Auckland

Infra red camera – image airtightsecurityplus

A variety of different enhancements have been made to security cameras over the years to optimise their security value.

– Motion detectors allow cameras to begin streaming live video feed or recording when movement is detected in a specific area. This means that the surveillance equipment is not constantly monitoring when there is no activity in an area.

– Infra-red or night vision cameras allow for surveillance in the dark. This is suitable for areas where light is not sufficient throughout the day or where surveillance is only required at night.

– Day-night cameras can switch between normal viewing and night vision automatically. Either a timer can be used to switch between the two viewing modes or a detector can switch modes when a difference in the available light is detected.

– Weather-proof cameras are essential for security cameras placed outdoors and will prevent damage occurring due to exposure to the elements such as wind, rain, sun, hail, etc.

Security cameras can incorporate just one of these enhancements or can include all the improvements in just one camera depending on the requirements of a specific surveillance area.

Surveillance Camera Control

Dome security camera

Dome camera- image

The development of different mechanisms allows security cameras to be controlled individually so that they can view specific areas in a larger space.

– The simplest form of camera control is the ability to move the camera from left to right to pan across an area.

– More advanced cameras include the option for up and down movement as well as horizontal movement giving even greater control and allowing for a larger area to be viewed.

– The most technologically advanced cameras can be rotated a full 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. You would normally find these cameras set in the ceiling to provide the greatest coverage.

– Different types of options are available to zoom in or focus closely on specific areas.

Finding business security companies in Auckland

To get the best value out of the many different surveillance solutions available, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional security company in Auckland. These experts will be able to help assess which type of surveillance equipment, the amount of security cameras necessary to cover an area as well as the placement of the security cameras to give the best cameras. Security specialists will ensure that the security equipment is installed correctly, functioning optimally and provide you with ongoing service should any elements become defective.

The better business security companies in Auckland can also provide 24-hour monitoring facilities for all round protection of your business operations.

There are some international operators such as ADT or New Zealand security systems providers like Global who are based in Auckland.

The security of your premises, staff, equipment and products should be a high priority in your business environment. Don’t cut corners and make sure that your security surveillance equipment provides you with the best defence available on the market. This site can give you some good pointers to be sure to visit here.