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3 Of The Most Common Reasons To Hire Auckland Employment Lawyers


No, getting a lawyer to sue your former employer is probably not the way you pictured things playing out. In fact, you were probably hoping for a goodbye cake and a good-luck handshake. Maybe you even imagined a small thank you for all your hard work? But instead, you find yourself looking online for Auckland employment lawyers.


But first, you need to figure out whether any Auckland employment lawyers should become part of the equation in the first place. Do you have enough reason to speak to a professional and take on your ex-employer?


So before you start dialing any numbers, research whether you have a case to go on. You can look at the NZ government employment website here. And to help you get the ball rolling, here are three of the most common reasons to hire an employment lawyer.


  1. An Unethical Termination


Even though it might feel like the law squarely backs companies instead of the employees, you have several rights you can enforce. And when your employer terminates your position based on any type of discrimination, you can bring the matter in front of a judge.


If you feel you have been fired on unethical grounds, or you are being targeted, it’s a great idea to speak with an employment lawyer. These are people who deal with situations like this every day, which makes them experts in the field. If you’ve got a case, they’ll be able to tell you whether to keep going.


  1. The Employer Is Always Prepared


You can choose whether you want a professional fighting your case, or whether you want to handle it alone. But the latter option isn’t really something you should consider because your ex-employer won’t make the same mistake.


In fact, the company will already have lawyers on hand, ready to fight whatever you send their way. And you are in the position to fight back? Do you know the law like they do, and do you have any clue on how to proceed with the matter?


If you take on the case by yourself, you are running a great risk of losing, even if you have all the evidence in your corner. Your ex-employer is going to be prepared with professionals, and you should do the same.


  1. Bad Working Conditions


Even in the modern world, a lot of employees are still subject to things like sexual harassment in the workplace. And these are cases that can get very personal, which is why you always want an employment lawyer backing your corner.


Auckland employment lawyersYou don’t need to feel helpless in your circumstances if you follow the most powerful channel, which is to hire a good employment lawyer.


Just make sure you speak to Auckland employment lawyers that specialise in this field as it is a complex area. They are experts in this specific area of law and they give you the best chance of getting your day of justice.


But whatever you do, don’t just sit back and let your ex-employer get away with their antics.


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