Business security surveillance systems

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Business Security Surveillance Systems for Auckland

For many businesses in Auckland, office buildings, warehousing facilities and factories, their first line of defense against intruders is the use of security surveillance systems and monitoring equipment. Over and above the obvious benefit of being able to monitor specific areas, security cameras act as a deterrent to criminal activity such as shoplifting. Simply put, people are less likely to commit a crime if they think they are being watched.

In fact, many small businesses often use fake cameras that are not attached to monitoring equipment just to deter criminals. However, this is not really the recommended approach to enhance security measures. Should a security breach occur or a criminal act take place, fake cameras will provide you with no evidence for recourse.

Security systems – the different types

Security surveillance equipment works on closed circuit format. This means that the video feed is streamed directly to one or more specified monitors or screens. There are a number of different closed circuit television cameras and monitoring options available.

Analogue or Digital Surveillance Systems?

Analogue surveillance equipment has become a bit outdated and has a number of disadvantages when compared to the more modern digital solution. With analogue video feed you only have the option to rewind or fast forward through recorded footage while digital allows you to provides a higher resolution image and has all the benefits of modern technology.

Digital cameras also allow for wireless communication to a monitoring system meaning that you have access to the live feed at any time no matter where you are located. Digital or data video recordings can be stored in a number of different formats and are less likely to become corrupt over time. The wireless cameras can also be relocated very easily.

Enhancements for CCTV Surveillance Equipment

Infra red cameras Auckland

Infra red camera – image airtightsecurityplus

A variety of different enhancements have been made to security cameras over the years to optimise their security value.

– Motion detectors allow cameras to begin streaming live video feed or recording when movement is detected in a specific area. This means that the surveillance equipment is not constantly monitoring when there is no activity in an area.

– Infra-red or night vision cameras allow for surveillance in the dark. This is suitable for areas where light is not sufficient throughout the day or where surveillance is only required at night.

– Day-night cameras can switch between normal viewing and night vision automatically. Either a timer can be used to switch between the two viewing modes or a detector can switch modes when a difference in the available light is detected.

– Weather-proof cameras are essential for security cameras placed outdoors and will prevent damage occurring due to exposure to the elements such as wind, rain, sun, hail, etc.

Security cameras can incorporate just one of these enhancements or can include all the improvements in just one camera depending on the requirements of a specific surveillance area.

Surveillance Camera Control

Dome security camera

Dome camera- image

The development of different mechanisms allows security cameras to be controlled individually so that they can view specific areas in a larger space.

– The simplest form of camera control is the ability to move the camera from left to right to pan across an area.

– More advanced cameras include the option for up and down movement as well as horizontal movement giving even greater control and allowing for a larger area to be viewed.

– The most technologically advanced cameras can be rotated a full 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. You would normally find these cameras set in the ceiling to provide the greatest coverage.

– Different types of options are available to zoom in or focus closely on specific areas.

Finding business security companies in Auckland

To get the best value out of the many different surveillance solutions available, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional security company in Auckland. These experts will be able to help assess which type of surveillance equipment, the amount of security cameras necessary to cover an area as well as the placement of the security cameras to give the best cameras. Security specialists will ensure that the security equipment is installed correctly, functioning optimally and provide you with ongoing service should any elements become defective.

The better business security companies in Auckland can also provide 24-hour monitoring facilities for all round protection of your business operations.

There are some international operators such as ADT or New Zealand security systems providers like Global who are based in Auckland.

The security of your premises, staff, equipment and products should be a high priority in your business environment. Don’t cut corners and make sure that your security surveillance equipment provides you with the best defence available on the market. This site can give you some good pointers to be sure to visit here.