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Which Commercial Grade Security Camera System Is Right For Your Business?


Since the cost of installing a commercial grade security camera system has come down so far, now it almost does not make sense to put one in. Businesses these days have a responsibility to their customers, employees, and themselves to make sure that they have a secure location, covered by all the modern technology available. Just one bad incident could end up costing many thousands of dollars in losses, in addition to injuries, and potential loss of life as well. The installation of a security camera system can be a deterrent to shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism and other serious problems that can develop. Let us take a look at the types of commercial grade security cameras that are available now.


The Types Of Commercial Grade Security Camera System That You Can Buy.

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Cameras now come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and configurations to meet nearly any need you have for protecting and safeguarding your business. You can find fixed position or with tilt and pan facilities to give you flexible coverage over a wider area. There are security cameras which operate in different levels of light from bright day-light, through over-cast skies to night-vision devices. These use various technologies such as infrared lights, LED lights, and high contrast light absorption. For the super stealthy, there are even hidden cameras too.


When looking at just the infrared cameras, they are available in high resolution colour to provide excellent video, not the grainy black and white you have seen on TV shows. The infrared lights can turn on automatically and basically “see” in the dark at much lower light levels than the human eye. This gives a huge advantage indoors or out, during low light or no light situations. The cameras can be bought in weatherproof housings that can withstand the elements not only outside, but in high temperature, high moisture areas inside as well.


Dome Cameras Offer Special Hidden Zoom.

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One of the more attractive cameras, as well as versatile, is the dome camera. You will often see these located on the ceilings of retail outlets being discreet but at the same time letting possible thieves know that they are under surveillance. They also have the infrared model, exterior model, zooming model, anti-vandal domes, and remote control pan-zoom-tilt models that are nearly impossible to know where it is pointing. These domes are perfect for monitoring cash register areas because they can focus in on employees, customers and shoplifters too. They are high resolution, many with infrared lights, and are available for exterior use.


The High Quality Box Camera.

If you are securing a bank, cash box, convenience store, liquor store or other possible crime target area, it is best to get the super high definition (HD) quality for your box cameras. The lenses can be changed or adjusted to focus in on minute details for special applications. Most of these will automatically switch from colour to black and white in order to reproduce the clearest image possible. If you decide not to go with the infrared camera, then the box will be the lowest light camera you can have installed by a security company.


Why Pan-Zoom-Tilt Security Cameras Are Best For You.

When it comes to monitoring multiple employees and clients at the same time, in the same area, the remote control camera is what you need. It can zoom in on whatever you want by using a joystick, similar to a video game. It can pan, left and right, plus tilt up and back, giving you complete control to view what you desire. This camera also can be pre-programmed to do a special route where it looks left, right, up, back and zooms at a pre determined plan, making it perfect for airports, casinos or large department stores. They can also be placed on fences so that they constantly sweep the outer edge of your premises providing round-the-clock perimeter monitoring.


The Secret Hidden Cameras.

All the miniature cameras you have seen on TV for the last 30 years are all available now to purchase and install in your business. If you want to know what is happening in the office when you are not there, this is the way. The new mini cameras can be hidden in the smallest places such as smoke detectors, clocks, sprinkler heads or even exit signs to keep track of employees when they should be working. These small cameras are not weather-proof, and do not have their own light source, so care should be taken when placing them in moist or dark locations. But, if you suspect foul play, or drug use, is happening in your business, you can get it all on video this way. Many an employee has been caught red-handed stealing money from the office safe by a miniature hidden camera. However, some employers may not feel comfortable in employing secretive devices so you may want to talk to your staff before you install them just to let them know what you intend to do. You could say it provides them protection from false accusation.


Summary – Commercial Grade Security Camera Systems

Picking the right commercial grade security camera system can seem daunting at first. There are so many options to take into account. Even if you can find your way through the technical jungle about commercial security cameras, you then have to compare the different manufacturers, find a retail or wholesaler and then have the system installed. But that is not the end of the problem because what is the point of a top grade security system if no-one is watching it 24/7? So you need to find an Auckland commercial grade security camera system and monitoring solution which will make your investment worthwhile.


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