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Using Security Patrols To Protect Construction Sites in Auckland Today

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One of the primary problems occurring at construction sites in Auckland today is theft. Both commercial and residential building companies are increasingly faced with the prospect of losing building supplies, machinery, equipment and tools to thieves while everyone is away from the site at night. As a result of this, many construction companies have installed security systems to help them monitor what is going on at their facilities. However, although using security cameras and alert systems does work, more people are turning to security guards instead.  This site is from the Security Association in NZ and gives an insight into the standards of conduct.

The ability to have actual human beings on the site during the evening hours is proving to be much more beneficial in regard to deterring would-be thieves. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using security patrols on construction sites to protect them, and how they are much better than traditional security systems even when using modern technology.

Security Patrols And Modern Surveillance Equipment

When using a security patrol team to watch your construction site during the evening, you are protecting everything on the site with the best possible resources. Even though many security teams will use surveillance cameras at different locations throughout the site, a computer system is not going to be able to detect movement on the cameras in the same way that a human being will be able to. Therefore, the combination of using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, along with people to monitor the construction site at night, creates a perfect balance of security measures, and optimizes the possibility of catching thieves in action. Unfortunately, watching these cameras is not going to offer you the best type of security. For this, you will need to have a security patrol that makes regular rounds.

Security Patrols And Routine Schedules

Depending upon the size of your construction site, you may have to have several security guards that are doing routine checks throughout the complex. Even if you have security cameras at strategic locations, they cannot cover every part of your construction facility. As a result of this, many security patrol companies will train their security officers to do a perimeter search every hour while they are on duty. By training them to be observant during the night, they will be able to spot potential criminals that are breaking into the facility in an attempt to steal the merchandise and materials that are available. Most security patrols have designated locations that require them to scan their security card, or turn a key, to verify that they were at certain locations on a particular schedule. Not only does this provide the insurance companies with the information that they need, the construction site will be protected much more efficiently as people walk through the complex.

Backup Assistance And Security Concerns

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One final tip in regard to security patrols protecting construction sites is to realise that every guard needs to have a radio. They need to be able to contact the main office where all of the guards are stationed in order to report possible problems as they do their patrol. It also provides them with an added layer of protection, specifically the ability to call for backup or help if they need assistance. By having this interconnection with the other guards and patrol units, it makes the security team much more efficient and safe for everyone involved. It is the combination of using modern technologically advanced equipment for security purposes, along with security patrols, that will provide the best possible surveillance for any construction site. Hopefully this information on why it is necessary to have security patrols at construction sites will motivate you to hire a reputable security company to protect your construction site today.

Managing the security guards on your construction site

The article above shows that there is a lot to consider when arranging security guards on a construction.  You might ask yourself if this is another task you need to add to your already busy schedule.  For many building companies the easiest option is to hire a security guard company in Auckland to manage this for them.  You can find these firms by searching online. Alternatively this company has a great reputation so this would be a good place to start.