The Essentials of Wireless Security Systems

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Wireless Security Systems

For many years the idea of a security system was only available to either the wealthy or to large commercial enterprises. But these days, with the advances in technology, added protection and the peace of mind that comes with a security system is available to many homes owners and small business operators alike. Now almost everyone can enjoy protection against robbers, intruders and other criminals.

Up till the recent past, security at home or in the workplace would have meant installing a very expensive system which could have included alarms, surveillance cameras and other gadgets. In addition, there was the added complication of heavy wiring and often need extensive modifications to the building that is being protected. But due to the advances of technology, especially wireless electronic security devices, all this is now very easy and quickly done. This has advanced to such an extent that half the American population now has protection in one way or another.

What wireless security is available?

There is a vast range of different wireless security devices you can find at your local electronics store or from expert professional security companies.

These include various intruder monitors such as motion detectors, window break alarms, heat detectors, infra-red cameras and CCTV video security cameras. Many can be installed by a competent DIY-er but if you have a larger home or commercial premises then it is definitely a good idea to call in the professionals. What is the point in having the best security system if it is not working properly due to faulty installation?

Why wireless security systems in the first place?

Wireless security systems come with all of the benefits of a wired system but at a fraction of the cost and much less effort. Plus they are far more flexible and you can take them with you if you move.
• Take it with you wherever you go
• No renovation work of existing buildings
• Do-it-yourself installation
• Simple upgrade
• No need for ugly cables or ducting

How do they work?

Like any wired security system, the wireless systems too have all the same components, but the difference is how they communicate with each other. Instead of laying wires to interconnect each other, the wireless systems use radio waves to do this. It’s is just like the wireless broadband router you use at home or in the office.

When a break-in happens, the component sensor detects the intrusion, communicates wirelessly to the control module which in turn sends a wireless or radio signal to the control room. The control can be you PC or more sensibly, to a remote alarm monitoring service. Who needs to be tied to their computer screen in case there is a break-in?

Operating a wireless security system

These systems are operated in much the same way as older security devices. For instance, you will have a code to punch into a keypad to dis-arm the alarm when you enter a building. Alternatively, you can have swipe cards so that staff can move around different departments where they are allowed but cannot gain access to unauthorised areas. They can also be deleted from the database if the move on from your employment.

Additional wireless security devices

Besides the commonplace devices such as surveillance cameras and burglar alarms, there are many new types of security applications and gadgets you can install. These include:
• Motion activated flood lights
• Entry way motion detectors
• Drive way alarms
• Smoke detectors
• Window alarms
• Area or zone protection
• Door Alarms
• Carbon monoxide detectors
• Nursery cameras
• Medical alarms
• Panic buttons
• And more.

With modern wireless technology there is much greater domestic and commercial security, beyond most people’s imagination.

Where can you buy these wireless security systems?

There are a lot of stores that stock the various components of the wireless home or small business security systems. But many a time, it is difficult to find all that you require under one roof.

Further, you need to have a good understanding of the different technologies, the brands and how each performs in different circumstances. This is a massive undertaking in itself. Frankly it is beyond the time available to most people.

A much better security system solution is to find a professional security company that offers the full range of different devices and technologies.

For residents looking wireless security systems suppliers in Auckland, Global Security is among the best security companies in the city. They provide everything you can imagine from initial assessment of your security requirements, through the components, installation, testing and then monitoring the signals at their alarm centre. With this type of service you will have security at home or for your commercial premises using the latest in wireless security systems in NZ.